Case 27

Patient #27, a 61-year-old woman with several medical conditions including diabetes, sarcoidosis, VID, neuropathy, and many drug allergies and intolerances. She has struggled with recurring ear infections since 2004 and has had chronic issues with her right year. Since 2004 she has had over 10 ear surgeries for debridement and over 10 sinus surgeries to clear both a MRSA and P. aeurginosa infection of mastoid and otitis. Her revolving-door antibiotic regiment has included linezolid (potentially causing her developing optic neuritis), daptomycin (elevation of CK), vancomycin (developed severe red man), ceftraoline (developed neutropenia), also clindamycin, doxycylcline, and more recently oritavancin on and off between 2019 and 2020. Despite all these treatments the patient saw no improvement of sinus and mastoid symptoms and required frequent ENT procedures. Phage therapy began in July 2020 via IV and weekly topical doses within the sinuses. After 10 weeks of treatment, the doctor reported that the sinus looked amazing and had little secretion, which now cultured an antibiotic-sensitive Klebsiella sp.. While in November 2020 P. aeruginosa was cultured from her sinus no MRSA was found. The doctor recorded that the sinus “looked great” with no issues by the end of therapy.