Case 34

Patient #34 is 45 years old with a past medical history of Covid19, obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and hypertension who was assessed in the emergency department with worsening pain due to a sacral ulcer. Chest x-ray on 11Oct2020 showed no infiltrates. Phage therapy was started on 27Oct2020 and was administered twice a day for 11 days. Wound culture on 13Oct2020 was positive for CRAB resistant to all antibiotics but demonstrated intermediate susceptibility to trimethoprim-sulbactam and tigecycline. Subsequent wound cultures on 27Oct2020, 28Oct2020, 30Oct2020, and 01Nov2020 were positive for K. pneumoniae and the wound culture on 03Nov2020 was positive for diptheroids. Liver enzymes AST/ALT/ALP/TB were within normal ranges on 05Nov2020. The patient was discharged on 06Nov2020.