Case 8

Patient #8, a 28-year-old female with cystic fibrosis who developed a multidrug resistant Burkholderia dolosa infection in her lungs after having a bilateral lung transplant in early 2018. Despite multiple courses of antibiotics, the patient continued to deteriorate. Phage therapy was initiated in early September and additional doses were supplied in mid-September and early October. The patient’s bacterial titer dropped significantly, and the physician reported minor clinical improvements after 34 days of treatment. However, the patient suffered from an unrelated splenic pseudoaneurysm, and underwent a splenectomy and distal pancreatectomy at the end of October 2018. Despite a brief clinical hold, phage therapy was resumed in mid-November 2018. The patient’s physician reported that her infection had disseminated and decided to cease phage therapy in late November 2018. The patient was reported deceased late December 2018.