Case 9

Patient #9, an 18-year-old female who underwent a kidney transplant in March 2018 which prompted multiple episodes of bacteremia and urosepsis caused by an extended spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) producing strain of Escherichia coli. Phage therapy consisting of two different phage products with titers ranging from 1.0 x 10^9 to 1.0 x 10^10 PFU/mL was first administered intravenously in mid-September 2018. At this time the patient was still receiving standard of care antibiotics. The patient ended the course of antibiotics 15 days after start of phage therapy. The patient continued to received phage therapy. She was afebrile and showed marked clinical improvement after one week of treatment without antibiotics. The patient received phage therapy for a total of 23 days and was confirmed culture negative 11 days thereafter